Weekly Health Quiz: A New Coronavirus Variant, Diet Guidelines and Really Short Workouts

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The first case of a highly contagious coronavirus variant originally discovered in Britain was found in the United States, detected in a young man living in this state:





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This state became the first to surpass two million coronavirus cases:



New York


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Middle-aged and older adults saw marked improvements in fitness and strength after performing intense exercise intervals on a stationary bike for periods as short as:

4 seconds

40 seconds

4 minutes

40 minutes

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Experts warn that doctors too often prescribe these risky medications to treat sinus and respiratory infections, even though evidence that they provide any benefit is lacking:


Blood thinners

Steroid shots or pills


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The newly released Dietary Guidelines for Americans include which of the following changes?

Cutting added sugars in the diet from 10 percent of daily calories to 6 percent of daily calories

Limiting the amount of alcohol men should consume to one drink a day, a decrease from two drinks a day

Avoiding added sugars altogether for children under 2

All of the above

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Suicide rates are highest in this group:

White Americans

Black Americans



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Which statement about hereditary angioedema, or HAE, is true?

It is a rare, inherited disorder that often causes swelling of the face, hands or feet

Painul swelling can also affect the gastrointestinal or respiratory tracts, with sometimes deadly consequences

A pregnancy or starting birth control pills can set off attacks of HAE

All of the above

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