Weekly Health Quiz: Sounder Sleep, Covid Symptoms and Chocolate

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In a psychology experiment, Dutch scientists found that people were least likely to remember where this food was located on a table:


Potato chips


Caramel cookies

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A Swedish study found that men and women with depression slept better when using this popular therapeutic aid:

White noise machine

Aromatherapy diffuser

Weighted blanket


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Which statement about Covid symptoms is true?

Symptoms may linger for months, even in people who have had mild cases

Covid may cause blood clots and damage the heart

Covid can scar the lungs, causing lasting damage

All of the above

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A study of 30 sedentary young men and women who did the following workouts in a lab rated this workout highest:

Riding a stationary bike for 45 minutes at a sustainable pace

Riding hard on a bike for one minute, taking a minute rest, and repeating 10 times

Riding at high intensity for 20 seconds, resting two minutes, and repeating three times

They rated all three workouts about equally

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Alexithymia refers to a condition in which people are unable to:

Write coherently

Speak coherently

Regulate their body temperature and metabolism

Feel emotions

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Older adults who regularly practiced this form of exercise were least likely to experience falls:

General aerobics


Chair exercises


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True or false: In a randomized trial, physical therapy proved more effective than standard care for easing back pain and sciatica.



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