Weekly Health Quiz: Covid Vaccines, Winter Sports and a Cancer Breakthrough

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Which statement about the new coronavirus vaccines is not true?

About 20 million Americans, including health care workers and residents of nursing homes, will be the first to get vaccinated

Vaccination requires two shots, three to four weeks apart

The vaccine can help protect you from getting infected with coronavirus, though it's uncertain whether it will prevent you from spreading it to others

If you've already had natural Covid, it's not safe to get vaccinated

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In rare cases, the coronavirus vaccine has caused a severe allergic reaction, with symptoms such as a rash and shortness of breath developing about how long after getting the shot?

10 minutes

1 day

3 days

10 days

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Mycobacterium marinum, a tuberculosis-like infection that can cause painful joint swelling, is spread through cuts in the skin from handling raw:





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Which of the following Winter Olympic Sports has the lowest rate of injuries?

Snowboard cross

Freestyle skiing aerials


Ski jumping

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Paul Farmer, a medical anthropologist, received the $1 million Berggruen Prize for his work on:

Raising awareness of environmental cancers

Providing health care to underserved communities

Discovering the hepatitis C virus

Developing new methods of birth control

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In recent decades, the mortality rate from falls in this age group more than doubled:

People aged 25 to 44

People aged 45 to 64

People aged 65 to 75

People over 75

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A new scan that detects malignant cells anywhere in the body may lead to improved treatments for this cancer that kills 33,000 American men each year:

Testicular cancer

Penile cancer

Prostate cancer

Male breast cancer

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