Weekly Health Quiz: Body Fat, Pulse Oximeters and a New Strain of Coronavirus

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Cold weather is hitting many parts of the country, posing challenges for social distancing during the pandemic. Which statement about acclimating to cold weather is not true?

People over 60 tend to be less tolerant of cold than younger people

Carrying extra body fat helps protect against cold

Heat loss tends to be greater in men than women

Being physically active helps protect against cold

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A new variant of the novel coronavirus that is sweeping through the United Kingdom appears to be:

Far deadlier than existing strains

Resistant to current vaccines

More contagious than existing strains

All of the above

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Pulse oximeters, which measure blood oxygen levels and can be a lifesaving tool for monitoring Covid-19 symptoms, may be less accurate in this group:

People who are sedentary


Adults over 70

People with darker skin

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A Norweigan study found that older men and women were less likely to die prematurely when they incorporated which of the following into their weekly workouts?

A moderate 50-minute walk

Strength training

Short bursts of intense exercise

All types of exercise showed a similar impact on longevity

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Some localities are banning elective surgery because of rising coronavirus case counts. Elective surgery refers to surgery that is:


Not urgent

Performed in a non-hospital setting

All of the above

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Prospective fathers with this medical condition were more likely to sire a pregnancy that did not reach full term:




All of the above

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Consumption of this beverage was tied to an increased risk of frailty in older women:




Sugary or artificially sweetened drinks

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