Weekly Health Quiz: Addictive Foods, Exercise and Heart Health

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Certain foods may elicit "addictive-like" cravings, some research suggests, prompting us to overeat. All of the following foods were near the top of the list of "addictive" foods except:

French fries


Ice cream


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A large analysis of more than 90,000 people found that to bolster heart health you need to complete at least how many minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise a week?

30 minutes

60 minutes

120 minutes

Almost any amount of exercise showed benefits for cardiovascular health

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Which statement about asthma is not true?

Cold weather can trigger asthma attacks in some people

More adults suffer from asthma than children

People with asthma are suffering much higher rates of Covid than the general population

Both genetics and environment play a role in who gets asthma

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The Covid vaccines currently available in the United States have not been approved for children younger than:

18 years

16 years

12 years

5 years

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Which statement about multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children is true?

Symptoms include fever, rash, red eyes or gastrointestinal problems, which typically arise several weeks after infection with coronavirus

It is still rare, but cases are rising, and it has caused about 30 deaths in children in the United States

The median age of infected children is 9 years, but infants and older teenagers can also get it

All of the above

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In otherwise healthy people, the main reason someone would experience neutropenia, or a dangerous drop in white blood cell levels, would be a:

Vitamin B12 deficiency

Viral illness

Medication side effect

Covid side effect

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The most effective mask against coronavirus is the:

N95 mask

KN95 mask

KF94 mask

Cloth mask

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