Weekly Health Quiz: A Safer Thanksgiving, Broken Bones and a Coronavirus Vaccine

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For safer Thanksgiving gatherings in this season of Covid, experts recommend that people adopt all of the following measures except:

Avoid sharing utensils and other items

Wear masks whenever possible

Keep windows closed to minimize air currents

Reduce the time you spend together

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The Food and Drug Administration set a bar of 50 percent efficacy for coronavirus vaccine makers. Pfizer and BioNTech announced their candidate vaccine appeared to prevent what percentage of coronavirus infections?

50 percent

60 percent

75 percent

More than 90 percent

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Reported coronavirus cases in the United States now exceed:

1 million

2 million

5 million

10 million

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More than 240,000 Americans have died from Covid. This country has the second highest number of reported coronavirus deaths, with more than 160,000:





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A provocative new study suggests that one reason children may be less susceptible to coronavirus is that they are more likely to have antibodies to:




All of the above

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Older adults who break a bone are at high risk of suffering another fracture in the next couple years. Experts advise that anyone who has broken a bone:

Get their calcium and vitamin D blood levels measured

Consider osteoporosis medications to strengthen bones

Do exercises to strengthen muscles and improve balance

All of the above

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These doctors are less likely to perform C-sections for pregnant women, a global study found:

Male doctors

Female doctors

Older doctors

Younger doctors

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