How to Amp up the Quality of Your Sex Life

How to Amp up the Quality of Your Sex Life

Quality over quantity is an approach that can lead to a better sex life. Studies show that feeling satisfied with the sexual aspect of their relationship is more important to many people than how often they have sex.

How can you start to enhance the quality of your sex life? You may be surprised to know that improving intimacy begins before you ever set foot in the bedroom. It's important to nurture the nonsexual aspects of your relationship to boost marital satisfaction. Acts of tenderness and affection strengthen emotional ties between partners. Feeling secure and loved is a strong foundation for sexual pleasure.

Setting the mood for sex itself starts with setting aside time so that you won't feel rushed and can be at ease with each other and in the moment. Rather than worry about aspects like spontaneity, carve out time for romance when you know that parenting and/or work obligations won't distract you. This might be at more unusual times, such as very early in the morning when you have far more energy than you did the night before.

Sexual satisfaction is very individual. So, open communication with your partner is key to understanding their desires - what turns him or her on - and communicating the same things about yourself. This can be difficult if you feel shy about voicing wants and needs, but it can make all the difference in a satisfying love life.

Enhancing your sexual encounters can take many forms, from the simple lighting of candles and playing music to expanding your sexual repertoire, so be open to new experiences.

How to Amp up the Quality of Your Sex Life

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